Facility to quote from one colour to seven colour offset print jobs.


Facility to quote both black & white and full colour digital print jobs.

Large Format

Facility to quote both black and white and full colour large format print jobs.


Print Shop
Facility to create print products and upload them to an online print shop.

Offset, Digital and Large Format Quoting in the one package

Welcome to PrintQuote Pro 3.0 and Faster Quotes

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What PrintQuote Pro can do for you...

Faster Quotes - Save hours a week - create a quote in minutes then save it as a template - from then on use the template and take only a couple of minutes to prepare a quote - watch the video to see this in action...
Up and going for $10 - Fully functional Quoting software at a reasonable price, with a $10 subscription option, a rent to buy option or an outright $1,450 purchase option.
Improve Your Bottom-Line - Built in SMS and Email Marketing features - guaranteed to help you build closer relationships with existing clients by offering them special offers and other news to improve your bottom-line.
100 Training Videos - We wanted to give printers who were interested in using PrintQuote Pro the opportunity to learn PrintQuote Pro prior to using the software in their printeries. By watching the videos you'll know its capabilities and get the most out of the software.
International Versions - Versions available for many English speaking countries with measurements including, Inches-dollars, cms-dollars, cms-pounds, cms-rand, cms-rupees, inches-pesos. Download the version you require now.
PrintQuote Pro Print Estimating Software Package - Is a print estimating software package that follows the natural work flow printers follow when preparing and printing jobs in the real world. Firstly, the description of a Job, then secondly choose the colours, mixing, washups and proposed layout, depending on whether it is single sheets, pads or books, then thirdly the stock, followed by finishing. Printers find the PrintQuote Pro quoting process natural and intuitive.
PrintQuote Pro has been designed to handle complex printing jobs with relative ease. It has a template creation feature that enables you to save a template of a typical job simultaneously while you save a quote. Just load a template, create new or link to an existing client, then type in the quantities required and any other changes and produce a quote within minutes.
Multiple Print and Finishing Items - Another important consideration when designing PrintQuote Pro was, how do we quote jobs that include multiple printing or finishing processes, For example, you may have book with a cover, an inner full colour section, a black and white section, a two colour section and a coupon stapled into the binding, all these elements belonging to the same job.
With PrintQuote Pro these can be quoted as one job, with the facility to add any number of printed items together with one or more finishing processes.
To solve this we decided to introduce a new concept. The facility to add an unlimited number of additional print and finishing items to a quote without having to move through numerous computer screens to accomplish the task or create separate print job quotes. All the job's items can be quoted as items within the same quote on the same screen.
Marketing to Your Client Database - Another important aspect of the printing industry is how do we utilise the information stored in the PrintQuote Pro to market to our existing clients and encourage new clients to stay with us. Your client database is your most valuable marketing resource.
Rather than duplicate data by copying it to a marketing software package PrintQuote Pro has an SMS Messaging and Email Marketing Campaign feature to take advantage of your client's contact information.
With PrintQuote Pro you can send out bulk personalised SMS Messages and personalised Emailed HTML marketing campaigns that include attachments of graphics, Jpegs or PDF documents. If for example a client requests a quote, receives the quote from you but has the job printed by another printer, then you can search for quotes that haven’t been converted to Jobs and make those clients a special offer to encourage them to become your customers.


PrintQuote Pro has many advantageous features

Feature List

Cost Effective - PrintQuote Pro is cost a effective solution for small to medium sized printeries. You can subscribe for the cost of two coffees a week. This will give you ongoing support and upgrades or you can purchase PrintQuote Pro outright with two years upgrades and support.
Posters and Signage - Printers tasks now include the production of posters and other forms of desktop signage. We have setup Large Format Press section to facilitate the quoting of various forms of signage. Additional processes can be included enable the inclusion of signage associated tasks.
Multiuser Application - PrintQuote Pro is a multi-user as well as a stand alone application. You have a Privileges feature that allows you to have a terminal in a different part of the your printery with the facility to allow users of that terminal to only have access to certain sections of the database. This enables other users to update the production process details on terminals in different areas within your printery without being able to have access to, or modify sensitive client or account information.
Job Scheduling - PrintQuote Pro has a job scheduling feature whereby you can have an additional monitor or tv screen attached to the RGB port of the computer running PrintQuote Pro. Place the screen in your printery so your printers can view the progress of all your current jobs.
Stock Tracking - PrintQuote Pro will keep track of status of your stock and can be set to notify you on PrintQuote Pro startup that particular stock levels are low. You can set various critical levels for each individual stock item as well as print out a stock order with the click of a button.
Multiple Computer Installations - Quotes can be emailed to a special email account and then loaded into the office installation of PrintQuote Pro and synchronized with the office computer data. Some printers find they are in the office after work hours when they would rather not. This feature enables the completion of quotes on a computer that is not on the office network, for the estimator at home or a remote salesperson. These can then be opened into the office installation at a later date.

Download the PrintQuote Pro features List...


PrintQuote Pro Developers
Glenn has employed highly skilled developers in a wide area of coding languages,
PHP & MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, Delphi and 4th Dimension in the development of PrintQuote Pro. Components incorporated into PrintQuote Pro have been developed by some of the world's leading component developers, Richview, Devart, Gnostice, Absolute, EmailArchitect, MesuraSoft, TMSSoftware and QuickReport from Europe and the United States. The use of these state of the art components guarantees the many new features incorporated into the completely rewritten version of PrintQuote Pro give you a high level of functionality.

Programmers have worked tirelessly to create a print estimating software product that fulfills the requirements of printers while making sure the program is intuitive and easy learn, accessible to printers with varying levels of computer experience.


our company
FutureMode, the developers of PrintQuote Pro has since its inception been providing software solutions for medium scale businesses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast since the late 1980s. FutureMode's clients have included a number of successful businesses including the stock and station agents, Magic Millions Pty Ltd, the international tour operators Seavane Pacific Pty Ltd and the on-line tender search service, ScopeSearch Pty Ltd as well as a number of other local businesses. FutureMode set up the first Japanese language computer typesetting solution on the Gold Coast for Network Publicity Pty Ltd publishers of Information Gold Coast.


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